Research Design Forum

The aim of the Research Design Forum is to offer researchers the opportunity to receive feedback on their research plans or proposals. If you are preparing a doctoral study, research proposal, or you are on the verge of starting your data collection, then this format enables you to receive feedback from your peers as well as senior scholars in the field. Two senior scholars will be asked to prepare their feedback in advance and present their comments during the session. During the reviewing process, the members from the international advisory committee will assess whether the topic fits the scope of the SIG and will approach senior scholars with expertise in the field to participate in the session. For these sessions, one complete time slot (90 minutes) will be reserved for each research plan in order to facilitate the possibility to discuss it in more detail.

Proposals for the Research Design Forum should consist of an abstract and an extended summary. The extended summary (max. 1500 words excluding references) should include: 1) A short theoretical framework, 2) The aim of the research and the research questions, 3) Methodology (including participants, context, design, and material), and 4) Planning of the research (e.g. instrument development, data collection, and writing). In addition, the presenter is asked to address elements in the research design that may be problematic. The abstract (max. 200 words) should concisely address at least points 1-3.

Length of the research design forum session: Presenting research plan (30 minutes); Feedback from two senior scholars (15 minutes each); Interactive discussion with the audience (30 minutes).

Please send your submission as email attachment to